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La Campanina

A story that spans three generations, a Capri tradition made of passion and creativity. A place where the search and love for beauty becomes a piece of jewelry that is every woman’s dream.

Alberto e Lina

We are in 1950, when Alberto and Lina fulfill the dream of opening their jewellery boutique, naming it “La Campanina” not randomly, but as a result of their life experiences.
For Lina, it reminds her of the days when American soldiers visiting Capri would pass by her mother Olimpia’s shop to buy Saint Michael’s bells to pin on their jackets or send them to their far-away families as a lucky charm. It was then that the idea arose to send a gift of a valuable model of this bell to the U.S. President, as good wishes for the end of the war.
Alberto, on the other hand, being at that time a close collaborator of the Allied Forces, remembers reading with a mixture of surprise and pride in the pages of a foreign newspaper that the St. Michael’s bell given to U.S. President Roosevelt by the people of Capri had been rung to mark the end of the conflict and to wish peace in the world.
It was truly destiny that prompted Alberto and Lina to create original pieces and make their boutique named La Campanina a welcoming and friendly place filled with a warm, gracious atmosphere for all visitors to Capri to enjoy and a know destination all over the world.
A name that symbolizes fortune, love and happiness for life that still today drives the Federico family to continue this tradition.

The innovative and daring style of Alberto and Lina jewelry as well as the quality of the craftsmanship and creativity have made La Campanina boutique a point of reference for the international jet set.
Today Marcello and Roberta with their mother Mariolì continue this tradition and welcome the affectionate clientele year after in the same shop where over 70 years ago all started. Their natural welcoming way makes the choice of a piece of jewelry a special moment for every customer, form celebrities to anyone coming into the shop attracted by the original and always different displays facing via Vittorio Emanuele.

The value that have been always dear to us such as hospitality, warmth and utmost care for the client, have been passed down in our family as well as the passion for contemporary jewelry always taking inspiration from the latest trends. We still carry on this philosophy today offering our clients a unique and tailored buying experience.

La Campanina it’s not just a name: it is passion, professionalism, tradition and innovation. It is something familiar, our mani goal is to make our clients feel at home.
We feel honored to have such a wonderful job that makes us part of people’s lives as a piece of jewelry stays in the family for generations. It is a testimony of a joyful and special moment that will be remembered every time someone wears it.